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Crystal Salt


Take a look at what some of our customers are sharing about their experience with Thiogenics Lotion. These are not legal claims made by Thiogenics regarding Thioguard Lotion, but experiences customers have shared with us.


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The Boatman Family, GA

“One of the easiest supports we have been able to offer our ASD child. He reports to having a much calmer body when using this lotion. He is sleeping more soundly and stimming has decreased significantly. The lotion soaks in quickly and does not leave any residue on the skin. This product provides something we haven't found anywhere else on the market."

The Caputo Family

"I just wanted to say what a blessing this cream has been for my boys. We are experiencing some fantastic gains - clear eyes, following tasks more easily, more awareness, less stimming, improved sleep, anxiety levels reduced - we have only been using for a few months, but we have experienced so many wins!"

The Edgar Family

“Our son with non-verbal ASD has experienced better sleep in just one week of use. He fallas asleep faster and stays asleep longer than ever. We are very grateful for the improvement in sleep.”

The Sherman Family

“Our son requests to use the lotion now. It's amazing. We have noticed an increase in lucidity. He is more focused, showing more personality, better communication and more independent toileting. We continue to be blown away and can't wait to see what the future holds!"

The Sornson Family

"After just a few days of use our sons teachers were noticing calmer behavior. We have noticed an decrease in negative behaviors (screaming, pinching, etc), happier, calmer, better with routines, decreased aggression, able to follow directions more easily and more ease with transitions. Thank you for your compassion for our kids and putting so much energy and care into your products. We can't thank you enough!"

The Sweidan Family

“After just one week of use my son was more aware, more responsive and able to follow instructions easier. He is also using more words on a daily basis and we have seen an increase in spontaneous speech. Can't wait to give you another update soon.”

The Caputo Family

“Our Developmental Pediatrician wanted to know what had changed at our son's last appointment. He so well. He was able to follow all of her instructions and complete the tasks she was asking for. We've noticed improved eye contact, increased communication and he's doing better in school. ."


"Today we went for a haircut and it was probably the best he ever did. He was uncomfortable, but he tolerated it. We didn't have to hold him down! I'm already blown away by this product."

The Ho Family

“Our daughter has been using the lotion. Overall she is more calm and we are noticing more spontaneous speech.”

The Foust Family

“Our son with ASD seems more 'present' a larger percentage of the day. His receptive language skills are improving. He is also singing, babbling, and scripting more. We will definitely continue using this lotion."

The Anguiano Family

"We have been using for several weeks. The frequency of our sons screaming has decreased. Overall he seems more calm which is huge for us!"

The Lang Family

“Without prompting our son approached another child and then asked question. It made me so happy!”

The Glynn Family

“The gains for our daughter seem to be continuing and we are optimistic about what we will see next. So far she seems more present, more calm, improvement in receptive language, better able to advocate for herself, and is now able to sit through entire class periods without prompting or supports. Her physical therapist even commented that something seemed different about her 'in a really good way' during their sessions together."

The Toh Family

"This lotion is like icing on the cake, amplifying the gains we have seen with our daughter following our gut balancing protocols. She has more spontaneous speech and is expressing herself more. Noise sensitivity has diminished and she doesn't require noise cancelling headphones in loud situations. Her sleep has improved because her night waking has stopped.  Overall she is happier and more emotional stable. "


“My son sat for the first time ever in the chair at the hair dresser. He even let her edge around his ears! Just overall wins. ”
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